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aha is renowned as the top choice for the latest Telugu cinema on OTT, presenting a wide range of entertainment options. Also, they are present right at your fingertips. Beyond being merely a streaming platform, aha serves as an extensive storage of Telugu content, satisfying diverse preferences.

aha stands as your ultimate destination if you’re in search of the latest and exhilarating Telugu movies. So, get into a world of suspense and thrill with these three gripping Telugu crime thriller movies.

  1. Bhamakalapam

“Bhamakalapam,” an outstanding cinematic creation from 2022, presents a cutting-edge Telugu dark comedy thriller crafted by Abhimanyu Tadimeti. It comes with a stellar cast including Priyamani, Kishore, John Vijay, Shanthi Rao, and Sharanya Pradeep.

The film draws inspiration from the traditional Andhra Pradesh dance form of the same name, revolving around the fiery and proud Satyabhama. For Telugu thriller enthusiasts, “Bhamakalapam” promises an enthralling experience.

  1. Keedaa Cola

“Keedaa Cola” injects a thrilling blend of crime and action into Telugu cinema, promising an engaging experience for all. Spearheaded by the creative genius Tharun Bhascker, the film guarantees an enthralling adventure. Boasting a stellar cast, including Chaitanya Rao Madadi, Rag Mayur, and Raghu Ram in pivotal roles, the movie sets the stage for an unforgettable journey.

The storyline revolves around Vaasthu (portrayed by Chaitanya Rao), who grapples with challenges stemming from Tourette syndrome. Living with his grandfather Varadharaju (played by Brahmanandam), Vaasthu earns a livelihood by selling patient simulators. However, trouble brews when Vaasthu accidentally damages one of these simulators, entangling him in legal issues with his employer. The narrative of this action-comedy Telugu film unfolds through Vaasthu’s interactions with Lanham and Jeevan, unveiling the twists and turns that shape their escapade.

With aha, “Keedaa Cola” is just a click away, ensuring you don’t miss a moment of the thrilling crime saga in Telugu cinema. aha’s commitment to delivering premium entertainment solidifies its position as the ultimate destination for immersing yourself in the vibrant world of Telugu crime thriller movies.

  1. Case 30

“Case 30,” crafted by Sandeep Pydimarri, offers Telugu audiences a captivating fusion of crime and romance. This Telugu crime thriller movie revolves around a murder investigation. It is led by Crime Branch Officer Arjun Bharadwaj, portrayed by Siddharth Naidu. The story unfolds, and viewers are taken on a journey through intricate twists and turns. They get to explore realms of crime and romance they never anticipated.

Featuring a talented ensemble cast including Shamili Uniyal and Tanvi Gawade, “Case 30” aims to provide an adrenaline-fueled ride for its audience. For fans of Telugu crime dramas seeking convenient access, aha App stands out as the premier destination among OTT platforms.

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